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Gathering Society for Battered Women

About Us

We are a group of women committed to helping women in distress. Thousands of women are mistreated within the confines of what we call 'homes'. Our goal is to reach out to as many of you women in need as time permits us.

Why We Exist

To make a stamp on the world that there are places that battered women can seek help. Every 30 seconds, a woman is beaten or emotionally abused by the man they call their lover. Beating can be handled by the Police. Emotional abuse goes unnoticed and unquestionable within many homes. The law can do little or nothing for these women. For most of them, the only solace is to find other women in similar distress and cling on to them for support.

As part of our work, we also want to demonstrate to the abusive men out there, that retribution comes in different ways. It may take months, it may take years, but it will come. As our abilities permit, we will make an attempt to set things right, if it is within our power to do so.

How To Get Help

We deal mostly with emotional and verbal abuse. If you are having problems with your lover or your husband, please email us at We have centers in Spring Valley, Palo Alto, and Alameda. We are very discreet and do not wish to disclose more information than necessary, for the safety of the women who come to us for help.

This is our first attempt at creating this 'web-page', so please bear with us as we work with people to make this page more presentable. In the meantime, please visit the Support Network for Battered Women for information on abuse & how to find help. This is an excellent resource for you, and we highly recommend it.